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March 29.2022
1 Minute Read

tips for much better web design

For better sites you need to build sites which are user-friendly AND enhanced for search engines.

Here are 10 strategies for better Web design:

1. Usage valid HTML/CSS code. Search engines and users dislike sites that can not be read correctly

2. Search for out the most appropriate keywords for your clients. Arrange them by relevance and list the first 12-15 keywords

3. Supply beneficial and structured content which refers to the keywords

4. Set keywords in vibrant within the text. Use keywords within the title tag.

5. Use h1-headlines for the most important keywords

6. Use alt-tags for images

7- Design. Try to produce a special and appealing design. Top quality images will impress your visitors. Search for good images on the internet but do not copy them without authorization!

8. Send your site to the most essential search engines like Google, yahoo ...

9. Try to get brand-new backlinks every week Search engines will love that. Be sure not to get bad neighborhood. Only quality sites must connect to you. Directory listings will offer you with excellent links when they have a page rank of 2 or greater.

10. Keep your site real. A news area will provide visitors and online search engine with brand-new material.

If you do have not the time or capability to design a website contact an agency with long-termed experience in web designing and SEO. Before positioning an order you must check the referrals. There should be at least 20 web projects from different consumers.



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